Album of the Week

WEEK 1: February 27, 2017

Danny Brown has quickly become one of my favorite MC’s ever. High praise, right? His style and sound is so alienating while being versatile. With a range that goes from high-pitched rapping over a banger beat in “Handstand” to an almost haunting monotone over a somber tune in “Lonely”, this Detroit rapper certainly offers some of the most interesting listens that hip-hop has to offer. 0c2b6ab5b12521682ccf377202642c09-600x600x1

2011 marked his debut with critically acclaimed album, XXX. Five years later, and this album holds up as a well-produced, incredibly intricate piece of work. On my favorite track off of the album, “DNA”, Danny certainly recognizes the heft of his words when he raps, “You soft serve rappers just hide behind your reverb. And even without effects you’ll end up dessert”.

The album acts as a two parter: Part one chronicles a high life of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, while part two (starting with the track “DNA”) documents the fucked-up after effects of that life and how harmful it all is.

Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen.

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